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Savila is by your side step by step from idea to implementation

By providing the best service

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Savila is by your side step by step from idea to implementation

By providing the best service

1- Consultation, design, supervision, and implementation of modern interior designs

2- Design, implementation and construction of optical equipment and electrical installations

3- Landscape design and execution

4- Modern design, calculation and implementation of all internal and external facades (building, property and passage)

5- Design, calculation and execution of all concrete and steel structures

6- Design and implementation of sauna and jacuzzi

1- Production line design

2- Design and implementation of packaging systems

3- Design and build robotic systems

4- Designing and programming logo, plc and microcontrollers

5- Design and implementation of telecommunication towers

6- Design and implementation of wireless networks

7- Supplying goods needed by major industries of the country, including oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant, steel and foundry industries.

1- Design of hydroponic, aeroponic, soil cultivation irrigation system and implementation

2- Designing and implementing the cultivation system

3- Design and implementation of all greenhouse structures

4- Designing and implementing climate control and air-conditioning systems

5- Consulting for the implementation of the agricultural flower project

1- Preparation of the overall project schedule according to the contract items

2- Determining the limits of the sub-programs related to the design, procurement and executive affairs of the project according to the overall project plan

3- Controlling the sub-project programs using the reports of the planning officers of the related sub-units

4- Determining the project budget and comparing it with the expenses incurred

5- Preparation of physical progress reports and project costs for project management and monitoring and implementation

6- Gathering information to prepare a status report to be presented to the employer according to the performed operations

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